6 Steps to Selecting a Remarkable Custom Home Builder

Steven D. Smith Custom Homes

Here at Steven D. Smith Custom Homes, we understand the decision to build a custom home is a big one. We also know how important it is for your new home to be special. That’s why selecting the right custom home builder who fits your needs and style is equally important. Check out the 6 steps we believe to be most important to follow when choosing your custom home builder.

1. Define Your Needs

First, there are many questions to ask yourself before selecting a custom home builder. What’s your price range?  What style and size of house are you looking for? Answering these questions will instantly improve your ability to select the perfect custom home builder.

2. Experience Counts

There is no substitution for industry experience, especially when it comes to custom homes. Builders with experience can draw from the most beautiful and distinctive elements of past builds. This allows them to recommend the finest materials and features to complement your home in an aesthetically- pleasing, yet functional way. For new clients, exploring unchartered territory can be intimidating. That’s why experienced builders can guide you through the custom home building process with ease and help you achieve the look you are after. On the contrary, for decisive dreamers, experienced builders can hit the ground running through their streamlined building process.

3. View Their Portfolio

A portfolio says a lot about a custom home builder. Pursue their portfolio to discover if their designs and builds are to your liking. Are you pleased with the quality and variety of homes they have built? Are the homes distinct? If you feel underwhelmed, they may not be the builder you are looking for.

4. Check For a Structural Warranty

One of the perks of a newly constructed home is that the home itself, along with systems and components, is covered under warranty. Repairs and fixes will be far from your worries. In order to ensure your home is protected, look for a structural warranty.

5. Resale Value

Check out to see which home builders hold high reputations. Builders, whose homes hold their value, have a great reputation amongst realtors. Find out if your future custom home builder is one of them. You can do this by seeking out realtor ads that specifically mention the construction company associated with the home. This is usually a great indicator of which brands to consider.

6. Unique Preferences

While good home builders are expected to guide you through the building process, the best custom home builders will ensure your new home is tailored to your unique lifestyle, family needs, and preferences.

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