Luxury Front Entry Designs by Steven D. Smith

Building luxury homes is our strong suit and helps us grow our clientele. Beyond designing stunning homes, our goal is to make sure we build a home that reflects your own signature style and preferences. Explore examples of our stunning front entry designs built with curb appeal in mind.

Medina Heights

front entry design medina heights

Our Medina Heights custom home is our most recently sold property in the luxury Medina, WA neighborhood. Showcased is a gorgeous front entry featuring a square tiled walkway that matches the geometric architecture. The lush greenery landscaping, inspired by the Pacific Northwest, boosts curb appeal and complements the stone features.

Clyde Hill

front entry design clyde hill

Explore the grand front entry of our gated masterpiece Clyde Hill Vista Lot 1 custom home. The gated entryway provides additional security to help new homeowners feel safer in their homes. For an elegant appeal, we featured topiary landscaping alongside the gated space to add more detailed greenery.

Clyde Hill Vista Lot 2

front entry design clyde hill 2

In the desirable Clyde Hill neighborhood is our luxury Clyde Hill Vista Lot 2 custom home. Featured in the front entry is a unique landscape design with a variety of plants alongside the gate and pocket spaces as you enter the residence. Lastly, keep your vehicles protected with our spacious driveway that is also gated for extra security.

Aqua Vista Lot 1

front entry design aqua vista lot 1

Located near Lake Washington, with a stunning view, is our modern Aqua Vista Lot 1 home in Kirkland, WA. We featured a wide variety of plants to add to the luxury appeal of this modern home. Also, we designed the left wall of the entry is with stone siding to add texture and style to the monochromatic color scheme.

Aqua Vista Lot 2

front entry design aqua vista lot 2

Last, our luxury Aqua Vista Lot 2 home features a geometric front entry with topiary plants. We added plants to provide a contrast to the geometric design of the overall architecture, siding, and walkway. Additionally, we implemented the house number on a stone displayed in the front garden as a design piece. At a glance, onlookers immediately see open windows that brighten up the home with natural lighting.

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