Building Process at Steven D. Smith

Here at Steven D. Smith, we understand the mixed emotions of future homeowners feeling excited and overwhelmed when they decide to build a custom home. No need to stress—we are here to help guide you through the entire process. Our unique 6-step building process will easily break down each step of the custom home building journey while involving the homeowner all the way through. Discover our 6-step building process to become familiar with our custom home building timeline.

  1. Building Process Initial Consultation

Congratulations on deciding to build a custom home! We are excited to build a home that reflects your lifestyle and needs. The initial consultation will consist of selecting style preferences and special features to incorporate. Most importantly, we will set expectations during the building process and will provide a timeline for completion to help you plan for move-in day in the future.

  1. Select Location

After the consultation, the next step in the building process it is time to find the perfect home site for the custom home. If you choose one of our luxury custom homes, we have stunning homes in desirable neighborhoods such as Clyde Hill, Kirkland, Medina, and other Eastside cities. If you already have a neighborhood in mind, we work with you to get the location you desire for the home you deserve.

  1. Architectural Drawings

Once the location for your custom home has been established, we move on to the design phase: architectural drawings. Our award-winning architects will create the blueprints for the custom home. Then, you will see floor plans featuring a physical representation of the exterior and interior layouts.

  1. Interior and Exterior Specifications

After blueprint completion, it is time for the fun part of the building process. This is the time to incorporate your personality and style to your custom home. With the help of our interior designers, we will work closely with you to choose interior and exterior details, amenities, and finishes. From tiling, colors, and textures, design possibilities are endless!

  1. Construction

After finalizing the blueprints and specifications, the next major phase is construction. Our expert building team will begin constructing your custom home. Before you know it, your dream home will become a reality.

  1. Time to Move In

Voila! Your custom home has been finished. It is time for us to schedule a move in date for you to enjoy your custom home for a lifetime! For additional help and mover recommendations, we are here to assist you. Congratulations on creating a home as distinctive as your own signature.

Our Building Process Will Help You Build Your Dream Custom Home

Steven D. Smith Custom Homes has offered incomparable design and old-world craftsmanship for over 35 years. We are the trusted builder of luxury custom homes in the Pacific Northwest because we never settle for less than the absolute best. Contact us online or by phone at (425) 869-2148 to start designing your dream home today.