Dream Home Features and Designs

With over 35 years of experience, Steven D. Smith Custom Homes has perfected designing and creating dream homes. What matters to us is building a home that reflects luxury, while keeping our client’s lifestyle and preferences in mind. A dream home is something we long to have that may appear far out of reach. However, our homes include all necessities and more to turn your imagination into reality. Read on to explore our top dream home features and designs.

  1. Open Spaces: Family Room Concept

When we imagine dream homes, we think of a large, spacious estate that is comforting, yet entertaining. The family area features all of those qualities, especially as guests typically spend most of their time in there. In our custom family space, we feature a temperature-controlled wine cellar with a beautiful connected home bar and plenty of space for entertaining.

  1. Bold Bathroom Style Choices

A dream home must feature a luxurious bathroom. Spacious and sizeable, our custom bathrooms are stunning. When we think of a dream bathroom, featuring a glass walk-in shower is on top of that list. Most also desire a grand vanity and full length mirrors as well. Best of all, this bathroom design features our signature tile details to add sophistication and uniqueness.

  1. Luxurious Kitchen

Another essential piece to a dream home is a lavish kitchen. A dream kitchen is spacious and functional, while featuring beautiful cabinetry and up to date with current trends. Displayed above is a kitchen island built with functionality in mind, by including an extended island for seating. Here at Steven D. Smith, we like to take it another level by incorporating modern pendant light fixtures. As an extra treat, we love to use granite countertops because they are not only beautiful, but durable, while also heat resistant—perfect to include in kitchen areas and kitchen islands.

  1. Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closets may be the most desired feature that people imagine to have in their dream home. Fortunately, our custom homes fulfill that need with spacious master closets that are connected to the master bedroom. We make sure to feature a functional mix of gorgeous built-in shelving and dressers to ensure your unique wardrobe has ample storage. The space is big enough for a “his and hers” concept to share with a significant other as well. Want a classic feel? Utilize a color contrast of dark and light with traditional black, brown, white, or very few colors.

  1. Location Matters

While the interior and exterior of a home is the start to your dream home fantasies, do you also consider the perfect location? You can picture the most perfect home, but where you determine to reside affects your quality of life and lifestyle. For example, you may want to live in a private place for family near schools, or a busy metropolitan area to experience the fast-paced life. Here at Steven D. Smith Homes, we build homes for all lifestyles and needs. Whether you want a waterfront home (displayed above) or an estate near a quiet neighborhood in the greater Seattle area, we can do just that.

Create your Dream Home with Steven D. Smith

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