Best Backsplash Ideas for Your Home

A backsplash serves dual purposes. It functions as both a luxury focal design element and a protective component to help preserve walls from liquids. At Steven D. Smith Homes, we can implement a backsplash with a variety of tilling options, shapes, and colors that fit perfectly with your kitchen and luxury home bar. Best of all, implementing a backsplash also increases the value of its designated room. Read on for our top backsplash design ideas to upgrade your kitchen or home bar aesthetic.

  1. Symmetrical Brick Pattern

This beautiful backsplash featured in this custom home bar features a classic brick pattern—a fan favorite. Reflective of a brick wall, each of the slender rectangular tiles appears staggered as every other line of tiles are aligned in the same pattern.  Utilizing dark glossy tiles are current with modern trends that bring elegance to this exclusive luxury home feature. Enjoy a glass of wine in sophistication!

  1. Asymmetrical Brick Pattern Multi-Color Backsplash


This stunning horizontally elongated kitchen range backsplash featured in this luxury kitchen also displays a brick pattern.  For a modern aesthetic, we implemented different width sizes and colors for a beautiful mosaic style above the range. This unusual pattern also means it is one of a kind. Best of all, we made sure that the color scheme fits perfectly with the overall kitchen style.

  1. Various Shapes and Colors


One of our best qualities is pushing design limits. This custom home wine bar backsplash is simply unique with the intricate use of different shapes and contrasting colors. This style brings a luxurious jewel-like appeal with its glossy mosaic texture. Moreover, the surrounding area is quite neutral; therefore a detailed backsplash is the perfect element to become the focal point of the bar.

  1. Symmetrical Straight Lay Pattern


Even the simplest patterns can have a lasting eye-catching impact with the right design elements. With this straight lay pattern, tiles are aligned in a straight line for a simplistic look. We upgraded this kitchen range backsplash by featuring different shades of brown and tan with a glossy texture, which perfectly matches the shiny stainless-steel range complexion.  Most importantly, it is cohesive with the kitchen cabinets and granite countertop by utilizing similar color tones.

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