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Steven D. Smith’s Exterior Design Trends

We always hear, “It is what is on the inside that counts”, but custom home exteriors matter too. For one, curb appeal is how alluring and attractive a home appears on the outside. Not only does the exterior matter, but the surroundings also play a vital role in the way a home builder designs a…

Fall Back in Love with Your Home

No matter how long you have been in your home, it can feel redundant and dull after a while. Since we spend enough time in our homes, it is important that a home provides comfort and enjoyment. With a few simple changes, you can have appreciation and fondness of your home again. Discover…

construction terminology

Construction Terminology for the Aspiring Custom Home Owner

Are you currently contemplating a custom-built home? Steven D. Smith specializes in custom home construction and will work with you to develop a home design that matches your lifestyle, preferences, and styles. When working with builders and understanding the building process, it is imperative to understand basic construction…