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open floor plan vs traditional floor plan

Open vs Traditional Floor Plans—Which One is for You?

One of the most important features a homeowner should understand is the type of floor plan they need for their custom home.  A floor plan impacts how the overall space will be utilized. If you want your home to feel larger by combining rooms, an open floor plan is for you. If you want specific…

building process

Building Process at Steven D. Smith

Here at Steven D. Smith, we understand the mixed emotions of future homeowners feeling excited and overwhelmed when they decide to build a custom home. No need to stress—we are here to help guide you through the entire process. Our unique 6-step building process will easily break down each…

custom home building myths

Custom Home Building Myths

Envisioning a custom home can exist beyond one’s imagination.  At Steven D. Smith, we understand the decision and commitment to building a custom home can feel overwhelming. However, it is not impossible nor a stressful investment. We will ease your mind through our clear and straightforward home building process that involves you…