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custom home

Why Building a Custom Home is for You

We have all fantasized about our dream home. With Steven D. Smith, we help transform your dreams into a reality. We understand what it takes to build a custom home that simplifies and caters to the homeowner’s lifestyle. Plus, we have over 35 years of design and custom home building experience. Live…

5 Features for the Perfect Lavish Family Room

The family room serves multiple purposes. From movie nights to relaxing after a long day at work, the family room should be both comfortable and functional. At Steven D. Smith Homes, our custom family rooms are second to none when creating a space for family bonding and individual comfort. We choose to go above and…

4 Scary Home Trends to Avoid this Season

There is no better time to update your home than before the holiday season. Updating your home with the latest trends makes you fall back in love with where you and your family reside. On the other hand, homes with outdated trends not only become dull, but can become costly for renovation.